Human Rights Clinic

Human Rights Clinic
The Human Rights Clinic works for the promotion of social and economic
justice in Cameroon. The Clinic uses international human rights laws,
regional and national human rights laws and norms as well as other
substantive law and strategies to draw attention to human rights violations,
develop practical solutions to those problems using interdisciplinary
methodologies, and promote accountability on the part of state and non-state
actors.  The Clinic works closely with faculties of Laws in Cameroon Public
and private universities, non-governmental organizations to design,
collaborate, and implement projects, which include litigation in domestic,
regional and foreign tribunals as well as non-litigation projects, such as
documenting violations, legislative reform, drafting reports, and training
Students work in teams on specific projects and will develop their
international research, legal writing, oral advocacy, communication,
interviewing, collaboration, media advocacy, and strategic thinking skills.
 Additionally, students critically examine the substance and application of
human rights law, as well as discuss and confront the ethical challenges of
working on human rights problems globally, and develop new techniques to
address human rights violations, including those involving economic and
social rights and women's rights.


The Centre for Public Interest Law-Cameroon (CPIL) is an independent, not-for-profit, organization that strive for justice and fairness especially for the poor and marginalised in society by working to improve democratic governance, rule of law and ensuring accountability of public and private actors through advocacy, litigation, social mobilisation and research. It was Incorporated in January 2015 under the Cameroonian Law No 90/053 of 19 December 1990, Law No 99/014 of 22 December 1990 and Decree No 2001/150/PM of 13 May 2001, of the Ministry of free legal services, improved Territorial Administration and Decentralization