Governance and Accountability

Governance and Accountability:

Each of our projects touches a vital resource that all of us need to live productive, fulfilling lives: an corruption free educational and health system, access to justice, and freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention, and the right to participate in political and civic processes.

In each project area, we use high-impact legal strategies to eliminate the barriers that prevent the Cameroon’s most vulnerable populations from accessing these essential resources. Each need is a necessary condition of equality, but none exists in isolation, instead building on one another to touch many aspects of a person’s life.

Key areas of CPIL’s Governance and Accountability work include:

  • Improving access to justice and remedies, and helping people enforce their rights;
  • Increasing community dialogue as a way of conflict mitigation in Northern Region of Cameroon
  • Addressing sexual and gender-based violence and increasing women’s participation and leadership in Governance of Local and Municipal Communities in North West and South West Regions of Cameroon
  • Developing and Supporting Anti-corruption campaigns and citizen and Social accountability trainings in Specific Sectors
  • Providing probono litigation services to juveniles in detention and other vulnerable groups; and
  • Supporting the promotion and protection of human rights, including strengthening the work of National Human Rights Commission, supporting engagement with the international human rights machinery and promoting the application of the human rights-based approach to development programming and national planning processes


The Centre for Public Interest Law-Cameroon (CPIL) is an independent, not-for-profit, organization that strive for justice and fairness especially for the poor and marginalised in society by working to improve democratic governance, rule of law and ensuring accountability of public and private actors through advocacy, litigation, social mobilisation and research. It was Incorporated in January 2015 under the Cameroonian Law No 90/053 of 19 December 1990, Law No 99/014 of 22 December 1990 and Decree No 2001/150/PM of 13 May 2001, of the Ministry of free legal services, improved Territorial Administration and Decentralization